Pediatric Silicone Prostheses for Partial Hand (Model 103)



• Wide variety of sizes, styles, colours and options to choose from
• Several options available for finger construction and connectors
• High definition appearance with intrinsic pigmentation
• Stain-resistant silicone
• Easy to clean with soap and water
• Reinforced finger tips for added durability
• Available in 36 colours
• Suitable for use with other manufacturer’s products


Additional Information

Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Material Silicone/Foam
Important Please contact your Customer Service Representative for more information and to order.
Note 1

Please note: All orders must be placed through the OrtoPed Capture app, which can be found on the Apple app store.

Note 2

Please note: Regal Residual Limb Adapted devices can only be adjusted/modify to fit the residual limb only. Adjustments to the external appearance of the style chosen is not available.

SKU: 103CZ-X-PYYY-P Pediatric Silicone Prostheses for Partial Hand (Model 103)

Style PF23

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