Pediatric TA Boot



• Secondary immobilization and rehabilitation for the foot and ankle
• Low profile heel and rocker bottom enhance natural gait and hip alignment
• Available with 90º static or ROM hinge to provide optimal mobility adjustments from 40º plantar to 20° dorsiflexion in 10º increments
• Lightweight – 2 lbs
• Indicated for mid-shaft to distal tibial fractures, achilles tear, ankle fractures and ligament damage


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Pediatric TA Boot

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Sku Size Circumference (Calf) Height
78TA-R-C Child 33cm (13") 229mm (9")
78TA-R-Y Youth 35.6cm (14") 279mm (11")
78TA-S-C Child 33cm (13") 229mm (9")
78TA-S-I Infant 19.1cm (7 1/2") 108mm (4 1/4")
78TA-S-T Toddler 21.6cm (8 1/2") 152mm (6")
78TA-S-Y Youth 35.6cm (14") 279mm (11")