Peg-Assist System (PTQ for MedSurg Shoes)



• Pegs can be removed to off-load pressure from any area of the plantar surface of the foot
• Provides the perfect combination of shock absorption and moldability
• After peg removal, the Poron® cover remains intact to eliminate the incidence of ring edema and assist in supporting the area
• Removable toe cover helps to ensure that the forefoot remains
clean, dry and free of foreign objects
• Perfect choice for the treatment of diabetic ulcerations
• Provide short-term pain management for patients suffering due to bony abnormalities (e.g. prominent metatarsal heads) or other painful conditions that may later be
• Eliminate “lever effect” on osteotomies of the MT1 by off-loading the first MPJ. The insole can also be cut flush with the
metatarsal heads to “float” the toes when K-Wires are present
• A single-use marking tube is included to mark the area of desired pressure reduction on patients foot and to ensure proper peg removal• Combination of 5 mm Plastazote®, 3mm Poron® and 10mm


Additional Information

Note 1 Approximate shoe sizes only. For proper fitting, consult with patient or measure their shoe size prior to ordering.

Peg-Assist<sup>™</sup> System (PTQ for MedSurg Shoes)

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Sku Size (European) Size (Men's) Size (Women's) Size Style
PTQM1 38-41 cm 6–8 N/A Small Mens
PTQM2 42-43.5 cm 8 1/2–10 N/A Medium Mens
PTQM3 44-46 cm 10 1/2–12 N/A Large Mens
PTQM4 46.5-48.5 cm 12 1/2–14 N/A X-Large Mens
PTQW1 34-36 cm N/A 4–6 Small Womens
PTQW2 37-38.5 cm N/A 6 1/2–8 Medium Womens
PTQW3 39-42 cm N/A 8 1/2–10 Large Womens