Push® Med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex



The new version of the PUSH® Med Aequi Flex offers clinicians a choice of treatment options within the PUSH Aequi brace lines.
• Medial reinforcement is redesigned, featuring a shell that is rigid in the centre with increased flexibility towards the edges, enclosing the lower leg, ankle, and heel and has a recess for the malleolus
• The brace’s diagonal strap system anchors the foot in the reinforcement shell
• Closed loop of the reinforcement shell and strap offer inversion control and compression at the same time
• Stabilization of the ankle is completed with two compressive figure-8 straps
• Recommended for Acute lateral ankle sprains, follow-up treatment of ankle fractures (surgical or conservative), moderate to sever stability, moderate to severe osteoarthritis, or secondary prevention of ankle sprain
• Side: Left, Right
• Sizes: 1-3
• Sold each

Additional Information

Anatomy Ankle
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 6 months
Colour Grey
Website https://www.push.eu

Push<sup>®</sup> Med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex

More Views

Sku Size Circ. (ankle) Side
220311-COS 1 27-31 cm (10 5/8"-12 1/8") Left
220312-COS 2 31-34 cm (12 3/16"-13 3/8") Left
220313-COS 3 34-40 cm (13 3/8"-15 3/4") Left
220321-COS 1 27-31 cm (10 5/8"-12 1/8") Right
220322 2 31-34 cm (12 3/16"-13 3/8") Right
220323 3 34-40 cm (13 3/8"-15 3/4") Right