QuikStrip Wheels (Polyurethane)



• Materials in dispenser-boxed wheels
• Improve fabrication efficiency
• Keeps material clean and dust-free
• Reduces damage to product
• Minimized waste of materials
• Decreased bulk
• Lower shipping costs

Additional Information

Width 127mm (5")
Unit Roll
Note 1 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request
Colour Blue
Website https://www.acor.com

QuikStrip<sup>™</sup> Wheels (Polyurethane)

More Views

Sku Thickness Type Length
PORW-90386 2mm (1/16") 1/16" 2AB Polyurethane 50.3m (165ft)
PORW-90393 3mm (1/8") 1/8" 1AB Polyurethane 24.4m (80ft)
PORW-90394 3mm (1/8") 1/8" 2AB Polyurethane 24.4m (80ft)
PORW-90395 2mm (1/16") 1/16" 1AB Polyurethane 50.3m (165ft)