• Allows you to easily customize the fit, feel and performance of your prosthesis by fine-tuning socket compression around your limb, without ever having to remove it
• Boa® dial provides 2:1 mechanical leverage giving the user the ability to draw in a liner more easily than other lanyard systems
• Ideal for patients with limited strength and/or dexterity
• Fabricated into a socket using traditional carbon fibre lamination techniques
• Straightforward to assemble, easy to fabricate and simple to incorporate
• Winds up the length of the lanyard cord while drawing the liner into the socket, and stores it within the dial
• Dial can be mounted anywhere to accommodate the patient’s functional needs
• Can be used in both lower and upper extremity applications

Additional Information

Unit Kit
Lock Type Lanyard
Application Lamination
SKU: PK3000-220-05 RevoLock


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