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• High strength, rigidity and durability provided by rugged
aluminum chassis and design of structural elements
• Inner glove covered chassis for protection against moisture,
thereby preventing corrosion
• Powerful mechanism giving a grip force output suitable for most
routine daily tasks
• Innovative, built-in electronics provide a choice of nine control
modes for the hand through a dial switch feature
• Nine switch selectable control modes, including five one-muscle
and four antagonist-muscle options
• On-board system includes an electronic “gear change” allowing
power to be stored and released on demand
• Extra rigid fingers
• Different wrist options to accomodate your patient’s needs
• In-hand on-off switch
• Safety thumb release mechanism
• Developed to be used as a stand-alone system or to be
integrated with existing systems from other manufacturers

Additional Information

Hand Type Myoelectric
Important Note: Ordering of this item requires a selection of the following components to be made: Hand (with wrist selection) and Anatomical form.
Note 1 For more information on anatomical forms, please see please see related products below
Voltage 7.4V

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