SlimLine Cast Boot



• Square Toe Design acts as a protective bumper and gives the patient more room to accommodate larger casts and bandages
• Forefoot Closure can be adjusted to accommodate casts or bandages and can be switched between left/right closure
• Higher Ankle Strap adds stability
• Rocker Sole allows for a smooth roll throughout the gait pattern

Additional Information

Note 1 Approximate shoe sizes only. For proper fitting, consult with patient or measure their shoe size prior to ordering.

SlimLine<sup>™</sup> Cast Boot

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Sku Size (Men's) Size (Women's) Size
SLQ0B N/A < 5 X-Small
SLQ1B N/A 5 1/2-8 Small
SLQ2B 6–8 8 1/2-10 Medium
SLQ3B 8 1/2-11 10 1/2-13 Large
SLQ4B 11 1/2-14 13 1/2+ X-Large