StepLock® 2400 Series Orthotic Knee Joint



• New low profile lines give the 2400 series less weight and a sleeker appearance
• Sold without uprights attached allowing you to make your own bars with the new OTS drill fixture
• Available in all four popular sizes including the new large size 8, which comes with stainless steel upright
• Notched neck on distal for easy to bend custom medial/lateral contours, and fewer parts to stock
• Designed for use on traditional metal, leather, or thermoplastic orthoses
• Built-in lock retaining feature in both minimal or posterior offset
• Unparalleled strength to weight ratio with OTS alloy
• Compatible with OTS release mechanisms including lever and bail release kits

Additional Information

Depth 5mm (3/16") /6mm (1/4")
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Material Stainless Steel
SKU: 2400 SLYOWK StepLock® 2400 Series Orthotic Knee Joint

StepLock<sup>®</sup> 2400 Series Orthotic Knee Joint

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