TherAlign Dragonfly Pediatric TLSO



• Combines ‘warm-and-form’ spinal bracing with the wearable therapy of a TheraTogs undergarment in a customized, integrated orthosis
• Supports the spine and trunk with a lightweight, rigid panel that forms a custom spinal support anchored on the pelvis for superior torso core stability, while training the neuromotor system into more functional alignment using a TheraTogs undergarment
• Provides abdominal support without restricting breathing
• Facilitates long-term neuromotor improvements that address the causes of postural and spinal issues
• Live-in orthotic solution that does much more than simply immobilize the spine
• No complicated tightening devices
• Weighs only a few ounces
• Customized postural support is worn discreetly, under loose clothing


Additional Information

Unit Each
Important Requires the following:
• Completion of the Sizing Guide
Note 1 Length = Length of spine

TherAlign<sup>™</sup> Dragonfly<sup>™</sup> Pediatric TLSO

More Views

Sku Size Length
D30110 Infant 254-305 mm (10"-12")
D30210 Pre-School 254-305 mm (10"-12")
D30310 Pediatric 254-305 mm (10"-12")
D33110 Infant 330-356 mm (13"-14")
D33210 Pre-School 330-356 mm (13"-14")
D33310 Pediatric 330-356 mm (13"-14")
D40210 Junior 381-406 mm (15"-16")
D40310 Pediatric 381-406 mm (15"-16")
D40410 Junior 381-406 mm (15"-16")
D48310 Pediatric 432-483 mm (17"-19")
D48410 Junior 432-483 mm (17"-19")
D53410 Junior 508-533 mm (20"-21")