Thermacryl Heat Adjustable Thermoplastic Resin



Thermacryl is a versatile acrylic based thermoplastic matrix laminating resin. Laminated sockets are heat adjustable, “Heat Relievable”, repairable, and thermoformable, depending on the layup used and may be over laminated without any special surface preparation. Thermacryl is styrene free and recommended for the fabrication of all types of prosthetic sockets as well as the production of laminated insoles for orthotics.

• Extremely easy to work with, allowing you to fabricate rigid thin wall fabrications with smooth finished edges that have excellent strength, toughness, with mechanical properties similar to an epoxy resin
• Post cure thermoformable by the application of heat
• Fast curing, user friendly formulation with low volatile emissions
• Produces bubble and tack free laminates with excellent fiber wet out that saves you time, money, increases shop productivity, and will not crush your EVA or silicone liner from excessive pressure while curing
• Fabricate high-quality, lightweight sockets with edges that are easily sanded and buffed to a fine smooth finish
• Thermoformability eliminates the need to laminate additional sockets, saving on shop materials and labor costs
• Can be used in conjunction with any other acrylic based thermoplastic resin system
• Increased shelf life up to 24 months with proper storage
• Available in 1-gallon jug kits. BP150 Powder Hardener sold separately.

Additional Information

Unit Each
Volume 3.8l (128.5oz)
Material null
Important Resin only. Requires hardener (BP150 Powder.)
Note 1 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request
Set Time 24 hours
Working Time 15-17 minutes
SKU: TAC Thermacryl Heat Adjustable Thermoplastic Resin

Thermacryl<sup>™</sup> Heat Adjustable Thermoplastic Resin

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