ToeOFF® 2 ½



The Allard ToeOFF® 2 ½ has a heel height of 7mm, which is approximately half the height of the original model of the ToeOFF. This AFO provides a smoother transition through the gait cycle and increases ROM in the sagittal plane. Like all 2.0 models the ToeOFF® 2 ½ features lower profile wings. The ToeOFF® 2 ½ is the newest model in the Allard lineup and is sure to meet the function and comfort needs of even more individuals.

• Accommodates lower shoe heel heights
• Features pre-applied MikroFIX
• Provides more clearance for forefoot in the toe box
• Easy to customize to meet alignment and biomechanical needs
• Shifts anterior tibia plate alignment slightly forward
• Starter Interface SoftKIT 2.0 included (this interface does not replace the SoftKIT or ComfortKIT 2.0)

Additional Information

Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Heel Height 7mm (1/4")
Material Carbon composite/Kevlar
Important Base SoftKIT included
Colour Carbon
SKU: conf_2898YX01S ToeOFF® 2 ½

ToeOFF<sup>®</sup> 2 ½

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