Total Knee® 2100



• Polycentric knee designed for multi-speed and high load bearing
• Swing control adjustments through 3-phase hydraulic system, with greater fluid capacity
• Imitates true knee motion with natural movement

Additional Information

Knee Type Polycentric Hydraulic
Polycentric Knee Type 4-Bar
Activity Level High to Very High (K3–K4)
Weight Limit 125kg (275lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 24 months
Trial Period (WITH LOANER ONLY) 15 days from from delivery date
Build Height 141mm (5 9/16")
Overall Height 175mm (6 7/8")
Important Proximal adapter options : A-122300, A-834300, A-835300, A-845300
Weight 900g (31.7oz)
Knee Flexion 160°
SKU: 2100 Total Knee® 2100

Total Knee<sup>®</sup> 2100

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