Tri-Point Scoliosis Bracing System



• System is modular, which allows providers to assemble exactly the right brace for each patient to ensure optimal comfort
• When tightened, the back panel naturally conforms to the patient's lordosis to provide true structural support
• Anterior and posterior tension straps adjust to increase force applied by the Universal Strut Assembly
• Ergonomically designed molded pull tabs easy to locate by feel, and designed for a comfortable pull
• Aspen's SlickTrack Tightening System features an independent upper and lower tightening mechanism, providing direct compression where needed for maximum pain relief
• Adjustable thoracic pad hinges and flexes for optimal thoracic fit
• Iliac pad prevents brace migration, and provides a landmark for patients to easily don and doff
• Adjustable trochanter pad pivoting feature maximizes patient fit and comfort with minimal adjustment
• Chest strut, when needed limits rotation and kyphosis
• Malleable aluminum strut is customizable by bending or twisting to accommodate varying patient anatomies

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Colour Black

Tri-Point Scoliosis Bracing System

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Sku Size Circumference (Waist)
591911 One Size 61-114 cm (24"-45")