• Tri-Axial ankle ensures greater anatomical movement in the foot, providing superior ground compliance
• Full-length toe lever provide the user better control and stability
• On heel strike, the rear bumper compresses and pulls the toe downwards, giving longer ground contact. During stance phase, the front bumper starts to compress, rotating the ankle to ready the foot for a smooth toe-off, all without losing ground contact.
• Foot can be easily customized and disassembled for maintenance
• Stride Control allows for precise adjustments for a gait that is perfectly tuned to the patient


Additional Information

Activity Level High (K3)
Weight Limit 100kg (220lbs)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 24 months
Clearance 155mm (6 1/8")
Heel Height 10mm (3/8")
Important Order form required with order of foot.
Note 1 Weight based on a 26cm foot, with foot shell
Weight 502g (17.7oz)
SKU: conf_TB XCENY SSW Tribute®


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