• Incorporates Integrated Spring Technology (iST®), providing natural movement with a progressive, 3-staged response and superior range of motion
• Coupled toe springs work together to provide a progressive, dynamic response
• Proprietary Intelliweave composite technology brings the maximum amount of strength and flexibility. The fibers are woven by hand in a 3D pattern for ultimate durability and precision gait matching.
• Smooth roll-over makes for a comfortable walking foot that kicks into gear during high impact activities
• Integrates composite springs through a tough, flexible plantar belt that responses to varying impacts
• Multi-axial response
• Ships with three different heel wedges and a toe wedge, providing easy adjustment capabilities to fine-tune the response
• Maintenance free

Additional Information

Activity Level High to Very High (K3–K4)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 36 months
Clearance 56-66 mm (2 1/4"-2 5/8")
Heel Height 10mm (3/8")
Important Note: Foot shell sold separately. Please see related items below for more information on foot shell ordering.
Note 1 Weight based on a 26cm foot, with foot shell
Weight 631g (22.5oz)
SKU: conf_VL XCEN SS DE Velocity


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