• Full length toe lever provides a higher frequency dynamic response for more active patients
• The front bumper provides comfort during walking, while the pocket limits the compression to engage the high-frequency composite keel during high activity
• Includes the exclusive Stride Control feature for effortless fine-tuning without disassembly
• Customizable design allows for increase and decrease resistance for a perfect feel for the patient
• Tri-Axial ankle ensures greater anatomical movement in the foot, providing superior ground compliance

Additional Information

Activity Level High to Very High (K3–K4)
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 36 months
Clearance EN = 64-69 mm (2 1/2"-2 11/16")
ALX=127-132 mm (5"-5 3/16")
Heel Height 10mm (3/8")
Important Note: Foot shell sold separately. Please see related items below for more information on foot shell ordering.
Note 1 Weight based on a 26cm foot, with foot shell
Weight 585g (20.6oz)
SKU: conf_V XZZZ SS DE Venture®


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