Vission Osteoarthritis Knee Orthosis



• 3-point fixation grasps medially and laterally for optimum off-loading force
• Transparent Counterforce Strap Guide keeps the strap in functional alignment
• Adjustable flexion/extension control
• Low profile uprights, reduce hitting opposite knee especially for bi-lateral wearers
• Sleeve is designed with a pre-flexed shape to avoid bunching up of material over popliteal area while providing contoured fit to theanatomy
• Flexible tabs on Condyle Trays conform to individual anatomy
• Anterior/posterior calf/thigh straps secure uprights for proper alignment along sides of leg and helps prevent migration
• Adjustable wrap-style thigh for ease of donning and doffing
• Soft, perforated material conforms intimately to the anatomy and makes the orthosis breathable for patient comfort

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Colour Grey
SKU: conf_435XS1 Vission Osteoarthritis Knee Orthosis

Vission Osteoarthritis Knee Orthosis

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