Wheaton Brace AFO



• Specifically designed for the primary treatment of Metatarsus adductus in infants
• Replaces castings and corrective shoes in most cases
• New application of the time-tested
• Three-point fixation principle used for the correction of deformities in orthopedics
• 1st point of Fixation - bracing beyond the toes corrects the associated hallux varus
• 2nd point of Fixation - Hindfoot is securely seated in the brace
• 3rd point of Fixation - Velcro strap is tightened against the apex of the deformity-- the physician can adjust the position of application, direction, and magnitude of corrective forces, delivering customized correction
• Adjustable to fit leg comfortably and snugly
• Soft padded inner lining adds to patient comfort and safety
• Foot portion of brace is set in slightly overcorrected position


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Colour White
SKU: conf_YYYSSSX Wheaton Brace AFO

Wheaton<sup>™</sup> Brace AFO

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