WillowWood® One Liner Kits



• For use with the WillowWood® One
• Two seal points ensures an airtight seal that does not break
• No need for the patient to adjust their prosthesis throughout the day once donned
• Increased range of motion due to seal

Additional Information

Suspension Type Cushion
Amputation Level Transfemoral
Activity Level High (K3)
Material Silicone
Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Important Certification is required prior to purchasing kits.
Note 1 Kit includes: Fabricless Alpha® SmartTemp liner, gel sock and seal cuff
Style AK Symmetrical
SKU: OW-ONE-SS WillowWood® One Liner Kits

WillowWood<sup>®</sup> One Liner Kits

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