X-LITE® Classic



• Cotton-based, low temperature thermoplastic
• Completely translucent to x-ray and will not show on the negative on uses of three or less layers
• Copolymer-added cotton mesh offers a lightweight material that can be used for casting or splinting
• Allows patients skin to breathe while keeping the area rigid
• Self-adheres when heat is applied; no additional adhesives or solvents required
• Easily conforms to anatomy
• Reversible when heat is applied
• Additional layers and strips can be used for additional rigidity
• Biodegradable and non-toxic


Additional Information

Heating Time 1 minute
Material Cotton/Polyurethane
Set Time 60-75 seconds
Working Time 45-60 seconds
Colour White
Heating Temperature 70˚C (160˚F)

X-LITE<sup>®</sup> Classic

More Views

Sku Width Unit Style Length
780W10 25mm (1") 10/Pack Strips 508mm (20")
781W10 51mm (2") 10/Pack Strips 508mm (20")
785W1 203mm (8") Box Roll 10m (33ft)
786W1 152mm (6") Box Roll 10m (33ft)
790W5 203mm (8") 5/Pack Sheet 381mm (15")
792W5 203mm (8") 5/Pack Sheet 914mm (36")
793W5 76mm (3") 5/Pack Sheet 381mm (15")
794W5 102mm (4") 5/Pack Sheet 381mm (15")
796W5 152mm (6") 5/Pack Sheet 381mm (15")
798W5 457mm (18") 5/Pack Sheet 508mm (20")