X-LITE® Edging Tape



• Made the same way as X-LITE®, replacing mesh with cotton gauze
• Bonds quickly with X-LITE® material

Additional Information

Heating Time 10-15 seconds
Material Cotton/Polyurethane
Set Time 5-10 seconds
Working Time 15-20 seconds
Colour White
Heating Temperature 70˚C (160˚F)

X-LITE<sup>®</sup> Edging Tape

More Views

Sku Width Unit Length
770W1 19mm (3/4") Roll 7.6m (25ft)
770W10 19mm (3/4") 10/Pack 508mm (20")
771W1 25mm (1") Roll 7.6m (25ft)
771W10 25mm (1") 10/Pack 508mm (20")
772W1 51mm (2") Roll 7.6m (25ft)
772W10 51mm (2") 10/Pack 508mm (20")