Xtern® Classic



• High activity external foot drop brace
• No contact between orthosis and plantar face of foot or ankle, alleviating rubbing injuries associated with similar braces
• Mechanical lift occurs outside of the footwear
• Good lateral stability on various uneven surfaces
• Can be easily transferred to various types of footwear, including sneakers and boots
• Can be adjusted to suit the patient calf with the use of a heat gun
• Durable and lightweight
• Can be used in athletic activity
• Comes partially assembled to allow stocking and immediate fitting at orthotic facility
• Includes ankle stabilization strap


Additional Information

Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 24 months
Material Thermoplastic
Important Requires the following: Measurements from the Trial-Kit
Website https://www.turbomedorthotics.com

Xtern<sup>®</sup> Classic

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Sku Size (European) Size (Men's) Size (Women's) Size
100100-SA-L 44.5-50.5 cm 11-16 N/A Large
100100-SA-M 42-44 cm 7 1/2-10 1/2 8 1/2-11 1/2 Medium
100100-SA-S 33-41 cm 2 1/2-8 3 1/2-9 Small