• Comfort — absence of material at the back of the orthosis avoids contact with sensitive areas (Achilles tendon, heel, malleoli)
• Three point fixation/force principal
• Dorsi flexion control while allowing natural ankle movements
• Long strut for maximum leverage — minimum exertion power to overcome ground reaction forces
• Strut extends lateral to instep for greater instep clearance; allows more medial, lateral and rotational ankle movement
• Full coverage anatomically shaped anterior tibia shell for maximum stabilization and control
• Y-shaped strut for tibia clearance — for patients with protruding boney prominence or unusual shaped tibia
• Padded fiberglass flanges contour easily
• Open heel allows normal closed chain functional biomechanics
• Wide footplate prevents shifting in shoe
• Customizable — can be fit by cutting, grinding and adding required foot orthotics or padding

Additional Information

Warranty (Manufacturers defects) 12 months
Material Carbon composite/Kevlar
Colour Black
SKU: conf_AL-28400X01S Ypsilon


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